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Maya Angelou

„Every journey begins with a single step.“

– Maya Angelou

Get ahead of your finances in Germany:

*no strings attached

Turn your dreams into reality,
we take care of your finances.

Life as an expat comes with its own set of challenges. At the same time you face the normal financial issues like locals, such as your cash savings currently losing around – 8% purchasing power p.a. and the pension gap is also continuing to increase [calculate now]. Building up wealth and arranging for private retirement remain essential challenges for locals and expats.

No matter if you are employed, retired, single parent, family manager, single or married or how long you lived or planing to live in Germany. You want to improve your financial situation, we support you in this matter.

Finanzielle Freiheit DTFH Deutsches Fondshaus

Our offer for your financial freedom in Germany.

Your investment and protection against financial risks go hand in hand.

Investment and Wealth Management

Based on your individual life situation, plans and wishes, but also concerns, we create an individual investment strategy with specific recommendations for action. Our recommendation may include an investment in mutual funds & ETFs, tangible assets such as gold and real estate, or active wealth management portfolios.


Accumulate wealth with funds and ETFs

You receive a tailor-made investment strategy in mutual funds and ETFs. With over 20 years of professional experience, we have strategically chosen mutual funds and ETFs for our services, as they offer a high degree of flexibility and protection. From the initial investment concept, to the selection of individual funds and ETFs, to the opening of a portfolio and the final purchase, we are your one-stop shop for all your investment needs.

Active portfolio management

This is the all-inclusive solution for your wealth management. After we have determined your investment strategy at the beginning of our collaboration, active asset management may be an option for you. Accordingly, selected experts take over the management of your portfolio under strict regulatory guidelines, while you have more time to enjoy life.

Investment monitoring

We’ll assign you two permanent contact persons for your financial matters and we will actively look after them on a proactive basis. In other words, we keep an eye on your finances and should there be a need for action for whatever reason, we will contact you.

Personal Protection and Retirement Plan

Loss of employment, a damaging event or the loss of a loved one can threaten the existence of you or other relatives. We analyze your current situation and can provide tailored options to reduce financial risks.

Vorsorge Und Absicherung

Planning your private pension

There are numerous ways to successfully provide for your retirement. We analyze your future pension situation and create concepts how you will achieve your financial goals in old age by using private and company pension plans.

Protection against personal risks

From small material damage to the death of a family member, you or your loved ones may face not only grief, but also financial burdens. We provide recommendations on how your financial and pension planning can cope with private strokes of fate.

Advice on giving & inheritance

We support you in the orderly transfer of assets, which is just as important as the accumulation of assets itself. By making gifts during your lifetime, you can take advantage of tax allowances, because with good structuring, the volume of the inheritance and thus the amount of inheritance tax is reduced. In addition, gifts or a will can change the legal order of succession.

The normal customer journey

0. get to know

Get to know us without any obligation and see if there is chemistry between us.

1. let's talk strategy

We create a financial plan that includes recommendations based on your goals and plans.

2. execute strategy

We implement targeted investment and pension concepts for you.

3. follow up

We monitor your finances and proactively notify you if action is needed.

We take care of your financial goals,
because investment & provision are our passion.

We offer over 25 years of banking, trading and financial advisoryf experience to help you enjoy more financial freedom to shape and enjoy life.

Elnura Ashimova

Elnura Ashimova

Rene Delrieux

René Louis Delrieux

Our references

800 clients

across Germany, the youngest is three, the oldest 93 years old.

5 of 5 stars

Highest customer satisfaction via Google rating.

3rd place Globee Award

In the category „Best company start-up“ in 2021

Simply shedule a meeting.

To arrange an appointment, you can arrange a video call directly with the form,  call us at +49 40 69 63 854 20 or send an email to request an office appointment at the following locations:

Meet us in:

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    Berlin | Am Kanzleramt
    Rahel-Hirsch-Straße 10, 10557 Berlin
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    Bremen | Signature City Gate
    Bahnhofsplatz 42, 28195 Bremen
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    Hamburg | Hohe Bleichen
    Hohe Bleichen 12, 20354 Hamburg
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    Kiel | City
    Kaistraße 90, 24114 Kiel
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    Lübeck | Campus Park
    Maria-Goeppert-Straße 3, 23562

Success-oriented payment

Our payment is based on our success.

In our experience we’ve figured that if we do a good job and your wealth grows, our compensation will be in favor as well. The type and rate of payment can vary for each specific financial solution. We disclose this transparently before the realization. In the following table we give you a first orientation.

As an potential client you can get to know us without obligation. And if you like, you can ask us for a first financial check. If you then become a customer, the flat rate of 275 euros for the financial check is waived.

Potential Client Client
Get to know us for free
Finance check 250 € for free
Implement the financial solution 0.00 to 3.00%
Monitor your financials 0.00 to 0.95% p.a.
Wealth Management 0.75 to 1.25% p.a.
Mortgage loan brokerage for free

Sample Calculation

The financial investment of a client of 20,000 euros is implemented in funds & ETFs. Our compensation for the financial concept, the one-time implementation and the ongoing support would be as listed below and will be debited to the investment:

Epxense ratio Costs
Implementation 1.50% on the investment amount of 20.000 € 300 €
Monitoring 0.95% p.a. on the average investment i.e. 20.000 € 190 €

Result after 5 years
with an expected return of 6% p.a.:

  • Value of the investment after costs: 25,202 €
  • Our five-year compensation: 1,389 €

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